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     Shenzhen Lemonqu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It is a professional manufacturer and service provider of LED power supply, focusing on the R&D, design, production and sales of LED power supply and dimmable power supply (Triac, 0/1-10V, PWM, DAli dimming).

    The company is committed to the development of the LED lighting field, and its products are selling well at home and abroad. The LED power supply and dimmable power supply of Laimengqu have been praised by customers all over the world for their stable quality, safety, reliability, and high compatibility. They are widely used in lighting, energy saving, decoration, advertising and other fields, such as LED Architectural lighting projects, urban landscape projects, LED advertising display projects, luxury signs and high-end sign projects, LED commercial lighting, municipal energy-saving projects, etc.

    The core members of R&D, production and quality have more than 10 years of experience in the LED power supply industry. The company attaches great importance to the construction of a talent team, the well-trained and skilled employees of the production line and responsible grassroots management cadres work together to do every process and grasp every detail; pay attention to product innovation and technology research and development, the core R&D team currently accounts for the company’s total more than 30% of the employees, continuously increase investment in power supply research and development every year to improve technological innovation capabilities and enhance product market competitiveness.

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Q 1: What’s the main products of us?
Answer: We provide LED Constant Voltage Non dimmable driver and dimmable driver (Triac dimming, 0/1-10V dimming, PWM dimming, DAli dimming) etc with customers for their dimmable lighting system projects.

Q 2: What’s kind of certification of our products we have?
Answer: We mainly have Rohs and CE certification and our market is mainly concentrated in China, Spain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mexico and other regions.

Q 3: How long is the warranty period?
Answer: 3 years warranty for LED driver.

Q 4: What’s the process to buy our products?
Answer: Please contact and tell us which products you are interested,we will send you the price on quantity.Then you tell us your quantity and we will make the PI for you.You need to pay the PI and we will send the goods to you as soon as possible.

Q 5: How long is the delivery time?
Answer: For routine quantity, goods usually can be dispatched in 1 week. For large quantity, it will be within 20 working days. Exact time bases on the actual inventory at that time.

Q 6: What we will do if you get problem after receive the goods?
Answer: Please describle the problem in details,it’s better you supply us the picture of the wire connections,the specification of other products connects to us such as the lamp,the master controllers. We will help solve the problem,wrong connections is the most problems. We will replace the defactive products if our products do have problems for free.