As an indispensable part of modern decoration design, LED light strips are increasingly used in different fields. Its function is not only lighting but is often used to create different lighting atmospheres. For example, in the home decoration, the living room ceiling and dining room atmosphere are inseparable from the decoration of the light strip; the lighting effect of the TV background wall can be made with different pattern backgrounds by using light strips of different colors and color temperatures; the indoor staircase is also a modern decoration The part where the LED light strip must be used. It can almost be said that the decoration design of a modern family is almost inseparable from the figure of the light belt.

Most lighting projects require dimming functions. In order to realize the dimming function of the LED light strip, we need to consider whether the LED light bar and the power supply/controller/dimmer have the dimming function when using the led light strip. This article mainly introduces how to use a constant voltage dimming power supply to dim LED strips.

1. The principle of constant voltage dimming power supply to achieve dimming LED strips

In this article, we only discuss constant voltage LED strips (DC12V and DC24V) dimming. The method of constant current LED dimming is the same, but the dimmable driver is different. When we use a constant voltage dimming power supply to dim the LED strip, the LED strip is in a constant voltage state, and the constant voltage dimming power supply controls the output current. When the output current drops, the LED strip will dim.

2.Several ways to dim the LED strip

We can use a dimmable power supply, a dimmable controller, or a dimmer to realize the dimming function of the LED strip.

Dimmable power supply including Triac dimmable led power supply, 0/1-10V dimmable power supply, Dali dimmable led power supply.

Dimmable controller including RF dimmable controller, inline dimmable controller, RF dimmable controller.

DMX512 led controller system.

Mobile phone app controller

3. Which kinds of dimmable power supply can I use to dim the led strip light?

3.1 How to use Triac dimmable power supply to dim the LED strip

Triac dimmable LED power supply on the market, the input voltage is AC110V or AC220V, and the output voltage is usually DC12V or DC24V. If your led light is DC12V, you need to select the output as DC12V Triac dimmable power supply.

The wiring of the Triac dimmable power supply is very simple. The input wire needs to connect a Triac dimmer and the output connects the dimmable led strip light. The most important thing is the Dimmer power needs to be equal to or greater than the Triac driver power. The power of the strip light cannot be greater than the power of the driver.

Triac dimming system is simple and easy to use, only used for small lighting projects, because in this dimming mode, the wattage of the connected light strip is limited by the power of the dimmer, most of the dimmer power is only about 200w-500w.

3.2 How to use 0/1-10V dimmable LED power supply to dim the LED strip

The 0/1-10v dimmable LED power supply is an LED power supply that can receive a 0/1-10v dimming signal, which is the same as the 0/1-10V controller. But compared with the 0/1-10V controller dimming method, this dimming method is more convenient and lower in cost.

3.3 How to use Dali dimmable led power supply to dim the LED strip

Dali dimmable led power supply is a led power supply that can receive the DALI dimming signal. And it needs a DALI dimmer. Some of the high-class projects can use computers with a DALI control system inside. DALI can control each led light.

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