Why can’t the dimming led driver realize the dimming function?

With the wide application of LED lamps, various application places have higher and higher requirements for the lighting environment, so the demand for lighting control in the market is increasing, especially in hotel engineering lighting, smart home, commercial lighting, and outdoor lighting. Lighting etc. In addition to the requirements for the color temperature, display index, and color tolerance of the lamp, the lighting designer needs to adjust the brightness or color temperature of the lamp. However, the realization of these functions often requires the cooperation of some control system manufacturers and dimming power supply manufacturers. Generally, the understanding of dimming power supply and dimming control system by general lighting manufacturers and engineering companies can be said to be blank. They often encounter some problems in the project, such as why the dimming power supply I purchased can not realize the dimming function? And how to choose the right dimming power supply? Want to know where the problem is, we need to know some precautions about dimming power supplies.

1. Whether the own light source needs constant current dimming power control or constant voltage dimming power control, this must be clarified. If the configuration is wrong, not only the dimming function cannot be realized, but also the normal lighting will have problems.
2. What you need is only the dimming function or the dimming and color adjustment function. The dimming function only needs to be equipped with a single-channel dimming power supply, and the dimming and color function needs to be equipped with a two-channel multi-channel dimming and color mixing power supply or RGB dimming power supply.
3. Which dimming method is the dimming power supply you purchased? Is it the front-edge dimming method of the Triac or the trailing-edge dimming method of the Triac? Is it 0-10V dimming mode or 1-10V dimming mode? Is it DALI protocol dimming or PWM digital dimming? Is it wireless bluetooth dimming or wifi dimming?
4. The power of the dimming power supply and the power of the light source must be matched to be used.
5. Voltage: The output voltage range of the dimming power supply must match the sum of the series voltage of the lamp beads, and the lamp bead voltage must be within the output voltage range of the dimming power supply. If the lamp bead voltage is outside the output voltage range of the dimming power supply, under-voltage and over-voltage protection are likely to occur, causing the lamp to fail to light up or flashing. Even if it can be lit normally, there will be jitter when dimming.
6. Current: The sum of the output current of the dimming power supply and the parallel current of the lamp beads must match well. The output current of the dimming power supply cannot exceed the rated current of the lamp beads. If the output current of the dimming power supply is greater than the rated current of the lamp beads, the light source chip is easy to appear Overheating leads to burnt lamp beads.

Generally, if the dimming function cannot be realized after the above problems are confirmed, it is necessary to consider whether there is an error in the wiring of the project. How to correctly choose the dimming power supply you need depends on the actual application.

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