When multiple lamps need dimming, we can use DALI dimming to replace 1-10V dimming. DALI dimming is a typical digital control method.

  一, The principle

   DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an international public standard lighting control communication protocol with a communication speed of 1200 BPS ± 10%. Mainly used for dimming control of multiple fluorescent lamps and LED lighting. DALI can form a network with a maximum of 64 short addresses and 16 group addresses. A master can control one or more slaves to communicate in half-duplex mode.

  二, The four letters of DALI each have a meaning





  DALI can dimming each lamp equipped with DALI driver, and different lighting units on the DALI bus can be flexibly grouped to achieve different scene control and management

三, The advantages of DALI dimming

   1. Digital dimming, accurate, stable and smooth dimming;

  2, DALI can communicate in two directions, and can feed back the status of the lamps to the system;

  3, DALI control is more flexible;

  4, DALI has strong anti-interference ability.

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